Under The Radar help from Iowa egg farmers

Astonished when I read this. Humbled by these farmers action, too.

Iowa Egg Farmers Donating Eggs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Iowa egg farmers are anticipating approximately 6 ½ million eggs to be donated in 2020

Iowa egg farmers through their “Cracking Hunger” program have maintained their commitment of approximately 35,000 dozen eggs each month to Iowa’s Food Bank System. Even during COVID-19, when shell eggs are short, egg farmers have maintained this commitment and increased it to a total of 45,000 dozen per month. Iowa egg farmers are anticipating approximately 6 ½ million eggs to be donated in 2020.

In addition, Iowa’s egg community is working to increase contributions to food banks of liquid eggs and hard-boiled eggs. Many of Iowa’s egg farmers have also offered Personal Protective Equipment from their inventories for local hospitals and healthcare workers.

All Iowa egg farmers, through Iowa Egg Council, have contributed to donations to the food banks. Rose Acre Farms, Sparboe Foods, Versova, Center Fresh, Daybreak Foods, Oskaloosa Foods, Michael Foods, Centrum Valley, and Hy-Line have contributed individually toward Cracking Hunger. Egg producers are also going above their commitments to the state-wide Food Banks and are actively engaged in events and additional food donations in their local communities.

Donations are going to the Food Bank of Iowa, and the Iowa Food Bank Association, other local food pantries and schools. At her April 10, 2020 press conference, Governor Kim Reynolds acknowledged their donations saying, “Iowa Egg farmers continue their commitment to providing 35,000 dozen eggs each month.”


While it sounds like a lot of eggs, that works out to about a $200,000 donation for the entire industry in the state for the whole year. (The current wholesale price of eggs is 40 cents a dozen. The cost to produce is even less.)
No one is required to make any donations so it’s all good. Just not as great as their excellent PR makes it sound.

Scrambling to find my calculator… :woozy_face: