Uncorked in New Canaan - Outstanding

For people who read CT Magazine, the latest issues has all of their “best of…” selections. Some I agree with and some I absolutely laugh at. One the got right was South End in New Canaan…killer stuff.

The owner also opened a much less formal place called Uncorked. More casual, pub food and a younger, hipper, louder environment. Our wives were celebrating a birthday so two other husbands joined me for my intended burger. When we sat and ordered beers and soda one of them could not decide on the burger, the cheesesteak or the house-made dog. What to do? Order a burger and then split orders of the cheesesteak and dog.

Notwithstanding the burger being one of the best in the area, the cheesesteak was fantastic as well, just meat cheese on a roll, all great quality all perfectly prepared. The dog was a dog with a little sausage DNA, and topped with some spicy relish. Both were consumed in a nano-second and we struggled with finishing the double-double burger with pickles, lettuce and special sauce and some of the best fries in the area.

If you are looking for some killer pub food, Uncorked is a good stop.

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