Uncooked Tongue? Greater Boston Area

Where can I find an uncooked cow or veal tongue to cook in the way my Jewish grandma used to? I prefer not to pay the outrageous prices at most Kosher butcheries, so wondering if anyone has suggestions. In CT, where my sister lives, she can always find a reasonably priced tongue at area Latino markets. Any suggestions?

Baza in Newton usually has it.

Frozen sliced ox tongue is usually available at Kam Man and some of the larger Chinese markets. Whole tongue might be available if you ask at the butcher counter of the larger Asian markets.

bazaar on cambridge street in allston has veal tongue

most large asian markets (c-mart, jia ho, hong kong market, kam man marketplace) usually have whole beef tongue. sometimes fresh and sometimes frozen

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Call Savenors a few dats before you need it and they will get it for you (if they don’t have it already in the back of the shop)

Market basket in Waltham has had it from time to time.

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