Uncle Ralston's Homestyle Cooking, Freehold

Hit up this newcomer located on South Street in Freehold. It’s basically a storefront operation with counter seating for 4-5 people. Warmly greeted by the woman behind the counter. There is a steam table with ten or so items up front, including oxtail, a couple of stews, and a bunch of sides like mac n cheese, plantains, rice & beans, etc. Plenty of other offerings cooked to order in the kitchen. We went with angry chicken rolls (chicken, rice & beans, and cheddar cheese in an egg roll wrapper) served with bbq sauce, an order of wings (split 1/2 bbq and 1/2 honey siracha), fried chicken, jerk chicken, and sides of mac n cheese, rice and beans, and sweet potato fries. The verdict: mostly good to very good. I really liked the angry chicken rolls which was served with a bbq sauce that did not taste like it came from a bottle. The wings were large, juicy and had lots of flavor. I did not get to taste the fried chicken as it was finished by my kids. 4 nice sized pieces came to the large order. The jerk chicken was fantastic. Will definitely return for more of this…just the right amount of spice. The sides varied with the mac n cheese the best of the bunch. I did not get to try the oxtail, but it looked really good with large pieces of roasted garlic throughout. They comped us a couple of ginger iced teas while we waited for our order. I hope they make it…a nice addition to the local scene.

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Wait a minute…so is this place a buffet? Buffet + menu orders? If anyone has oxtail on a buffet, I’m destroying that shit.

Don’t get too excited. Not a buffet. But I did watch them scoop out a pretty substantial oxtail portion for around 12 bucks.

Is this the place that still says “Mexico Lindo” all over its front? The address I found was 26 South Street, but that had “Mexico Lindo” on both the awning and the white board in the front window.

That’s the spot, but I didn’t notice the Mexico Lindo signage as I approached at night in the dark.

@jsfein, You mentioned a counter, but are there also tables?

RGR - no tables. Just the counter with stools (no backs). Certainly not the most comfortable place to eat. I took my food to go.

Oh well, there goes my plans to actually eat there. Maybe take out one day…

@jsfein, Thanks for the quick response. I figured as much since you didn’t mention tables in your write-up. We don’t do take-out, and we don’t like counter dining even if the stools are comfortable. So, there’ll be no Uncle Ralston’s for Michael and me.

Bringing this back from the dead…

Is this place still open and any recent reports?