Uncle Boon's Sister Rocks!!

After a visit to the New Museum we had an amazing lunch at Uncle Boon’s Sister.
It’s on Mott St, just around the corner from Uncle Boon’s. A small simple place with a limited menu of out of the ordinary Thai specialties.
You grab a small table then order at the counter. It’s a busy place with few tables inside and out.
They were doing a brisk take out business.
Polite and professional employees.
Oddly enough they have a “No Cash” policy. A first for me.
Check it out.


What’d you have?

We had the curry noodles with crab meat, sticky rice and rainbow chard, all fresh and tasty.

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I can’t remember what i was reading… eater or serious eats or grub street…something- and they named uncle boon’s sister as the best pad thai in city, on the menu as phad thai- Aka the last dish i would ever order when going out for thai food, but probably worth a try on your next visit.

Ligaya Mishan at the NYT, in her overwrought, somewhat orgasmic, prose likes it too:

kiss of lime and brine "
a great gashed house-made pork sausage
a musky nam ya
chubby Popsicles … tasting of candied smoke
a fold of flaky roti
… poached in a mob of ginger

steamed … until it preens

OK, now that we’ve all calmed down, stopped steaming and preening, and wiped ourselves off, let me say I liked the food too, although my literary powers are not enough to raise you to a second coming. I loved the moo ping (pork skewers) and the mataba (curried lamb in flaky roti). The sausage was fine, but not the sour, funky thing I was expecting. The pork rinds, shrimp chips and tamarind candy were all pre-packaged (with very good accompanying dipping sauce). The heat level was, on the whole, low.

On balance, fairly good and worth returning to.


lol … geez!

Mishan makes me nuts with her silly descriptions. Most don’t even make sense, or have a basis in reality. I had eaten several times with her and another food writer few years ago and took notes. Her experience of the food and mine, from the same meal, differed greatly. I wish they had served me what they served her. Oh, wait. They did. How come her food tasted so imaginative-adjective loaded every time, and mine was just mediocre?

Since then I have been to a few places she has written about. I haven’t found any of the places to be anywhere near as interesting or good as she does.

She seemed to be a poor researcher, and not really knowledgeable or with a developed palate, were my thoughts at the time. Also the meals were not surprise anonymous visits.

Love the place, best pad thai I’ve had in the US.

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