Unable to search on page

Dear admin,
CRTL+F opens the search bar on the website, not the browser, and it searches the whole website.
I wanted to search for a word in the current page, but there’s no way to do that. Either I search the whole website, or read from top to bottom.
When I open the browser search through browser settings, it doesn’t search the webpage.
Is this the normal way of the website, or is it a bug?

probably a browser issue. in FireFox on a Windows machine,
Ctrl+F / search ‘norm’ produces the following - note at the bottom: 1 of 2 matches

That’s strange. I’m using firefox on windows. Now when I hit ctrl+f on this message it shows the search bar of the browser. But in other pages it’s the website search.

on other pages

on this page

Trying pressing Ctrl F twice to get to the browser search.

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That’s a nice find. It works.