Una Pizza Napoletana -Atlantic Highlands

The wait was interminable.
The pizza was ridiculous.

Without a doubt the best Pizza Napoletana I’ve had. I haven’t had it in Naples, but our daughter has. She agrees. I am not the most experienced, but I’ve had Sorbillo/Zia esterina, keste, Don Antonio by Starita, and Pizza Secret off the top of my head. (All in NY) This is another level. The dough is light yet chewy. The pizza while still wet like a Napoletana style, was not soupy.

Definitely some hiccups with the waiting list. I’m sure once things settle in they’ll figure it out. I’m not trying to whitewash this, it took us close to 3 hours to be sat. I was as annoyed as I’ve ever been in a restaurant. Told my daughter there was zero chance this was going to be worth the wait. I’m not saying I’ll wait three hours again but the pizza made me not want to kill anyone any longer.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good lord. Next time, just go to the Orchard Street branch. Walk in, sit down, eat. Save yourself some time and aggravation.

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You’re a trooper Tom! Thanks for the report. I will wait a while to check this out.


Restaurants that care about their waiting customers will offer wine or beer or even cut up a pizza into bite size pieces to dole out.

Isn’t this place byob?

I have no clue. I was commenting only on the 3-hour wait. BYOBs can give booze away (for example, Butcher Block had a cooler of beer outside for waiting customers), but they can’t charge for it. They do have the ability to keep people from leaving or feeling negatively by providing some nosh.

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No, nice wine list and craft beers. Some amari as well. Not sure if a full bar is coming

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was watching Billions and saw this pop up. Has anyone been the AH location during the lockdown? Really want to try this place one day but no way my fam can handle 3 hour waits…

I have not been since my first visit. I think the trick is to get there about 1:30 and place your order when he opens at 2 as I’m not sure they even answer the phone. At least that’s what we were told when we thought we had ordered online but the site was in testing and the order was actually for the following week. d’oh!

The online ordering from the website is still not operational.

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I’ll be curious how they maintain their ordering setup during the Atl Highlands summer. Plenty of alternatives door to door. Hype doesn’t work for me no matter how delicious.

Update here is no update :slight_smile:

I was in the neighborhood last Saturday and drove by around 3 and there was no line. Stopped at the window, excited. Anthony was in the back making pizzas. I shouted back with glee that I’ll gladly order. He said, great the next order should be ready for pickup after 7:30PM. Foiled again. Place your orders, in person, at 2PM when he opens.

On the upside, I’m looking forward to this beer with the pie.


he was on billions again last week, must be yet another bump…lol

still have to make it here one day…

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I ordered from her sat around 5:30 pm …5 pies was scheduled a 6:15 pm pickup. They were not very busy when I picked up. But the pies 3 Margherita and 2 Fileti, were really really really good. Crust had a nice chew, very moist but not gummy with an equally spaced light char all around. I was delighted there was minimal wait on a Saturday evening however the miserable weather probably contributed to it.
With Nicholas Creamery right across the street I definitely see myself making the 35 min drive more frequently .


Wait, did they actually pick up the phone or did you order in person?

We called the order in . They actually picked up on first try! When we picked up 6:15 pm they were active but not what I would call backed up busy.
I was very surprised but delighted.


Not to be crass, but how much do the pizzas cost? I’m always leery of places whose on-line menus have no prices.

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I honestly couldn’t tell you. I haven’t been there in a few months. I’d assume somewhere around the high teens to twenty dollar range.

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Here’s a Yelp image of the menu at the Manhattan branch, which should give you an idea.

Pizza menu. Wed dinner 2019-10-16


Annnnd, it’s done. He is one crazy, talented, bastard, lol.