Un Bien [Seattle, Ballard]

I had lunch on a warm Sunday afternoon at the Un Bien on 15th Ave. in the Ballard neighborhood. There’s also a second location also in Ballard on Seaview Ave. Un Bien is run by the family that used to own Paseo, another sandwich shop that also serves Caribbean sandwiches. More info on the relationship between Paseo and Un Bien here and here.

It’s a takeout window, but there is a covered area with benches and tables next to the kitchen and window to eat at. There was a line that day but it moved pretty quickly. It took about 10 minutes or so after ordering to get my sandwich.

This was my first time here so I ordered the #1 Caribbean Roast ($11.50). I wanted to try the fire roasted corn too (looked similar to a Mexican style elote) but they were out of it.

Really good sandwich. Very tender roast pork that was almost falling apart. Could taste the marinade. It was on a thinnish toasted baguette slathered with a garlicky aioli and cilantro and topped with big slices of sweet caramelized onions, vinegary hot pickled jalapeños, and a few slices of lettuce that added a little bit of crunch. Delicious. A good sized sandwich but manageable.