Umi [Waltham, MA]

COVID numbers are creeping up a bit this week and I am recovering from my second booster. So, we stayed in last night and ordered delivery from Umi via GrubHub. BF wanted finger food munchies and was very happy with the hot and spicy garlic wings, chicken fingers, and gyoza I ordered for him. I got an assortment of sushi and sashimi - tako and hokkigai (sashimi) and salmon, scallop, wasabi tobiko, and uni (sushi). The sushi and sashimi were delightful! I miss going and sitting at the counter, but the owner, Frankie, was helping out with delivery yesterday and it was great to see him. I am looking forward to going back in person soon.


Looks delicious. I would be delighted with that selection.


I was so happy with everything! The scallops were tender and sweet. The wasabi tobiko had nice pop, while the quail egg (which managed to stay intact during transit) rounded out the heat with some creaminess. Salmon was lovely and buttery. The octopus and clams were meaty. And the uni! Oh, so awesome! I really love this place!


That’s some really pretty sushi! Sounds like it tasted good too!


Yes, it looks great and I did a doubletake when I saw the intact eggs. May I ask what that tray cost?

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GrubHub marks all menu prices up by a dollar or so for each item so that tray, through the GrubHub menu, was about $60 (Uni - $17.50, Salmon - $9.05, Hokkigai - $7.35, Tako - $7.95, Scallop - $10.75, Tobiko with Quail Egg - $7.95). Honestly, given the quality of everything, I felt like it was worth it.


Thanks. (Sometimes GrubHub marks up prices even more.)