Um . . . cooking and stripping show (?)

Okay I just saw this on Eater . . . the world is coming to an end . . . it is a strip-cooking competition - while we should have seen this coming I just didn’t

Words fail me. Godawful?

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Not the one that came to my mind.

Presumably this will be a cooking show where hot fat is not present.

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Given the trailer, I wouldn’t bet on that. If a chef gets burned, it’s just a great opportunity for an audience member to rub him down with aloe.

Holy cow! You have got to be kidding me!

“It’s Iron Chef Meets Magic Mike!”



I don’t see a problem here.

First, cooking shows are already known as food porn
Second, this is a time saver. I bet plenty of people are into both of these. They are now suffering by having to watch two kind of shows. With this show, they can save time.

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I wouldn’t say I have a problem with it - it is more of a “when did cooking shows ‘jump the shark’” moment. They often cast some cooking shows based on “eye candy” rather than talent, this on some level is just the next logical progression.

I do have a problem with naked cooking though - more of a personal hang up I guess. I have friends who like to be naked (don’t ask) and I always remind them - there is no naked in the kitchen! Hot grease, too many places in need of hair nets (LOL) - naked and cooking just don’t work for me. When I was young and going out a lot - I also hated when strippers were on the bar - not near my drink either. . . .

I imagine the show will do relatively well.

  • eye roll -

I suppose, for me at least, whether they were sitting on the bar or dancing on the bar would be a determining factor in my comfort level, especially if food was involved.
A pint of beer with a stiletto heel involved doesn’t seem near as much of a problem.

Now, now, let’s not get germophobia (whatever the name). How is a naked person standing next to your drink worse than a sushi chef preparing sushi with his nude hands? Remember. Alcohol kills germs.