[UK] Now it's Carluccio's to feel the pinch.

(John Hartley) #1

(Jan) #2

First time I went to Carluccio’s (Upper Street, Islington) I loved it. I had a great lasagna made with wild boor meat. It’s gone steadily downhill since to the point where I no longer even consider eating there. Although I realise many of these closures have more to do with increased taxes and rentals, it really doesn’t help that quality and service has decreased at the same time. Sad sign of the times, though.

(John Hartley) #3

My first visit was “dahn sarf” before the chain had spread its wings nationally (Kingston,as I recall). Like you, I havent been to one for a while, so perhaps if customers are dropping off then it’s no surprise they are in trouble. My nearest is at the Trafford Centre mall but, even there, there are more interesting lunch opportunities (eg - https://tampopo.co.uk/locations/)