[UK] Chocolate maker Thornton's to close all its shops.

Mrs H is distraught. Whatever is she going to do about buying her Christmas coffee creams.

Order them online?

Oh that’s so sad. And all those people losing their jobs.


There are a few iconic chocolate shops in my area. Sure you can order online. But the in-shop experience is a pleasure of sights and smells and in and of itself helps put me in the holiday mood.

Yeah, we’re bound to be able to order online. I didnt read the article as suggesting the whole business had gone bust. But it’s the loss of retail outlet that’s the shame - not least as one of their shops is on the high street of the next village.


Recently, I heard that there is a sharp decline in global chocolate demand, and Switzerland suffers a lot, I don’t know if this will lead to price drop in chocolate.

Too bad. I’ve enjoyed the Thornton’s chocolates and beverages I’ve tried, which I’ve bought at their stores.

I am not in the pattern of buying chocolates for my own consumption online.

There have been some price breaks from my wholesale chocolate suppliers. They already had container ships at sea before the pandemic and imported lots of European chocolates for their hotel, cruise, and restaurant customers that got hit so hard.

Consumer retail, I recently checked the price of Valrhona chocolate for pastry usage, the 1kg bags, I didn’t see any drop in price. I’ll have a look in the wholesale shop to see if they have more interesting price.

Some of the deals were because the product was close to the best by date. In September, I got some Yuzu Inspiration direct from Valrhona US that was ‘best by’ October, but it was totally fine and I used it for Christmas. I got more from my usual wholesaler, they also had old product and gave me a healthy discount after I pointed it out to them. It was all fine, in sealed bags, no bloom.

Since you’re closer to the source you won’t get the ‘oops we imported too much’ deals. One of the few downsides of living in France? :wink:

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