UJ's Asian Bistro [Hazlet, NJ]

(Greg Caggiano) #1

Hello all,

There is a new Asian restaurant in the Hazlet/Holmdel area. I gave it a try a few weeks ago. It is much better than the oft-discussed Zhang’s Grill. It’s your typical “Asian Fusion”, but shockingly good. I was surprised. Here is a link to my review: https://eatingnewjersey.net/2018/02/10/restaurant-review-ujs-asian-bistro-hazlet-nj/



Anything unique here that other fusion joints don’t have? I will add this to my list

(Greg Caggiano) #3

I can’t say that they do. I know they had a separate page of udon soups and ramen, which the fusion joints around here don’t normally have. Just a steady selection of the “usuals” for Japanese and Chinese.

The menu had not been laminated yet because they were still finalizing everything. A page fell out of my menu and I tried to put it back but the waitress came right over with a reassuring smile saying not to worry-- that their new menus were on the way. Hopefully they keep the same selection.

(Greg Caggiano) #4

UJ’s continues to impress. While I cannot rave about a Bento Box I had there last week, I did get this amazing Cantonese Noodle Soup. It was delicious. Easily one of the best soups I have had.

Udon noobles, thinly sliced roast pork, bok choy, and a fried egg. The pork was paper-thin and the broth was almost sweet from whatever it was marinated in. Not salty at all.