Ugly foods. What would you add to Anthony Bourdain's list?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the Instagrammer, of course, but I would add:

  • Poutine (looks like vomit, as Jay Prichett pointed out
  • Corned beef hash (looks like something left behind by a dog with diarrhea)
  • Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast (yes, that’s still a thing)

A friend of mine makes spinach dip in a bread bowl. She calls it “roadkill.”

Bean chili usually looks as good as it tastes.

Most brown foods look ugly. I hate the look of foamy liquid on food. It looks like spit!


Don’t understand the Bourdain list at all, why are those food on the list ugly? They are normal food. Catchy title for his article!!

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Roasted broccoli looks rather off putting… tastes great though.

Also consider the shapes. Turkish Köfte. Delicious, though!

I have taken so much abuse over the years for my aversion to foams/espumas.

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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Two I won’t even touch are pate and headcheese.

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I love both! :sweat_smile: Germany has the best of both these things!

I guess if you don’t like something it automatically looks gross. I have an aversion to (large) intestines and something that looks like snot or has the same slimey, slippery texture. In Vietnam I ate some sweet corn or mung bean dish which is surrounded by a snotty mass. OMG :nauseated_face: In Taiwan I ate 2 things with the same texture, 1 was a soup and 1 was with rice. Couln’t tell what it really was from the photos before ordering. It’s probably just tapioca, another thing I don’t like for the exact same reason.

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Pate just reminds me of cat food. I’ve had several cats in my life and for some reason I just can’t get past the look of pate. It is definitely a mental thing with me. The taste is OK but I just can’t do it for some reason.

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Carrot cake, at least in the pre-baked state. Totally looks regurgitated.


How about this 2 in 1? So good, I’m eating this everyday these day. With pickles and green pepper to lighten up this pate.

My cat dislikes the classic cat pate too, he prefers eating chicken breasts, ham and tuna…


Does a a pile of Cantonese steamed chicken feet count?

Pate yes, headcheese no…

However, I don’t feed my cat wet food for good reason. It makes me think of pate too much and then I get kinda grossed out.

There are many types of wet food, dry food can account for cat health problem when they grow old.

Wet cat food has always skeeved me out (and smells godawful). I use a bowl of Iams and a bowl of tuna. My last cat lived 21 years and my current two are now 16. It’s a mix that works.

That said, I’m a very textural eater–no pate, no head cheese and absolutely no mayo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yum. Just needs a pile of cornichons and a hunk of pain we campagne.

Okra, prepared for maximum sliminess! Those gooey strings of slime hanging from each piece can be a turn-off, but I love okra flavor. I got addicted to my Mom’s okra soup before ever seeing a prep where it’s slimy, so it never bothered me.

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Sea cucumber?

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