[Ubud, Bali] - Advice needed.

I’ve been in Ubud for a couple of days now and have been somewhat underwhelmed. So far I have tried:

Ibu Oka Warung ( meat a bit dry and lacking flavour, floppy pig skin, blood sausage was good though)

Waroeng Bernadette ( the meat was tender but lacked the lovely fragrance associated with rendang)

Arung Sate Bar ( it was ok but style over substance. Not worth the money, even allowing for the inflated prices in Ubud).

On my list to try are:

Bebek Bengil

Naughty Nuris Warung and Grill


Any opinions on these appreciated.

Also any recs for a decent warung with dishes around the 30k Rp mark and a good satay place that keeps it simple.


Sorry to hear that Ibu Oka didn’t live up to your expectations. Its standards are not very consistent.

I usually trawl Indonesian language food sites as I’m hoping that local food-bloggers might give some good tips targetted at Indonesian domestic tourists rather than us foreigners.

Two oft-mentioned babi guling spots are Pak Malen (in Seminyak) and Men Agus (Mengwi). I’d not been to either so cannot personally vouch for them:

Good luck with your food exploration!

Three years later and I’m also in Ubud finding it rather hard to find anything other than mediocre food at least in the cheap eats category. We had a good meal at Hujan Locale, but our budget for this trip means we’re trying to stick to warungs.

Tried going to Ibu Oka today as I felt it was obligatory but I dithered a day too long and it’s closed for Galungan tomorrow, along with another babi guling spot I tried to visit. Oh well, reviews seem extremely mixed these days!

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