U.S. Chinese restaurants outnumber total of major fast food chains combined

Much of American Chinese food isn’t a healthy everyday diet but it does have lots of vegetables compared to the big chains.

“Americans have been trained to expect Chinese food at places with names like “Golden Dragon Buffet.” If you were to open a Chinese restaurant named like “Dorchester Meadows” it would probably tank.”

Ha ha ha. I guess there are some truth to it. I remember going to a Chinese restaurant in Philly Chinatown. A couple of customers came in to look for some famous American Chinese dishes like broccoli beef and orange chicken. Unfortunately, it is a noodle house (hand pulled noodle), so it does not offer any of these dishes. The customers looked a bit disappointed.

It does not surprise me that there are more Chinese restaurants (especially those low budget take out) than other fast food restaurants like McDonald, which we need to admit one thing: there must be A LOT of people doing take out to support these fast food restaurants.

Maybe we should put an extra tax on these take-out restaurants to reduce our consumption of take-outs.

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