Two new(ish) places in Mt. Kisco NY

Sugar Rhum
We went to Sugar Rhum a few weeks ago and had a really odd experience. It was a Saturday night and it was practically empty when we arrived but filled up. It’s the old Cafe of Love space so it is definitely nice inside. The server was friendly but things took a strange turn when she brought out our first appetizer and said “this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, but we’re giving it to you for free.” It was a black bean hummus that the chef accidentally put double the seasoning in. We accepted it but were very confused and in retrospect never should have taken it. Of course it was way too salty and not very good and it set the tone for the rest of the evening. The server knew it was our first time there and we were left scratching our heads with why they’d send this out as a first impression for first-time diners. Why couldn’t they have just added in double the beans and given us a double batch? Or left it in the kitchen for the staff to eat and given us the correct item? It was really odd.

I didn’t love the other appetizers, which were a ceviche and a humita. The ceviche was just blah and the humita had a strange flavor to it. My husband disagreed and liked both. The entree was absolutely delicious- pernil over a corn/chorizo stew, as was the tres leches cake for dessert. I enjoyed my mojito and my husband liked trying some interesting Peruvian (I think) beer. Honestly the bean dip incident turned me off so much that I don’t think I’d go back.

Badageoni Georgian Kitchen
In sharp contrast to Sugar Rhum, we had an absolutely incredible experience at this unique restaurant a few doors down. The restaurant is spacious and sleekly decorated yet still family friendly. It looks like they have live music at times. It was pretty empty on a Friday night but we got there early and didn’t stay very long. We brought our kiddo who was doted on by the waitress as she inhaled everything put in front of her. This is a place where a lot of love is put into the food-- small details shine through, like the fried grapes in the salad and the sturdy Georgian cornbread accompanying the incredibly gorgeous jewel-like pkhali, a trio of vegetable “pate” like spreads (beet, spinach, and carrot). The adjaruli is like an open-face calzone dripping with butter, cheese, and topped with a sunny side up egg. Incredible. We also had the khinkali, which look like soup dumplings and are filled with tender beef and pork. A surprisingly complex dish was the lobio, beans cooked in Georgian spices served with an interesting array of pickled veggies and more of the cornbread. Our little mini-foodie loved the tolma as well, which is grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice and served with a silky yogurt sauce. I had a dry Georgian wine that was stellar with our meal. We had to leave before mini-foodie got cranky so we took their signature dessert home, the badageoni, which reminded us of panna cotta, in an amazingly fragrant and tart red wine sauce. This meal was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back and take some of our friends and family there!


The adjaruli is a type of khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) that should be on everyone’s bucket list if they haven’t tried it yet. I’m glad you enjoyed the restaurant. It will be nice to not have to schlep to Brooklyn to get good Georgian food.


Thank you for a great review! I will definitely keep the Georgian place in mind. I agree with you that your experience at Sugar Rhum was just weird - why on earth would a restaurant put anything other than its best foot forward (even if comped)? And an over-salted hummus is the easiest thing in the world to fix - just grab some canned chickpeas and get the blender running! Weird.

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Thanks - great reviews! I have been wondering about the Georgian place - I’ll have to give it try, thought I must admit, I have never heard of the foods you described! As for Sugar Rhum - that is just bizarre! Why serve that app at all. Just redo it and bring it out right!

I hadn’t either. To me I see elements similar to Italian, Middle Eastern, and Greek food. If you look at it on a map it makes sense. I think we will try to go back next weekend to see if we can repeat our great experience!

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I went back to Badageoni, partially to confirm that this place is the real deal since I’ve been telling everyone I know about it. We had another fabulous meal and tried a few new things in addition to a couple of favorites from last time. We tried the braised lamb, so tender, but the mini khinkali (meat dumplings) stole the show… in a yogurt sauce with cheese and mushrooms, topped with a piece of puff pastry. Yum.


Hi! Been awhile! My apologies! The Georgian place sounds fantastic- can’t wait to try it! Love that your mini foodie enjoys it all!! With the adjaruli - I have a fear of raw egg - do you think I’d insult them if I ask them to leave it out? Or should I just bite the yummy bullet? :slight_smile:

They have an alternate version with no egg! I’m sure it is almost as delicious! :grin:

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Welcome back!!! Have you had any food experiences since you’ve been gone that you can share with us?

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Also, I think it’s just the yolk that’s uncooked. And if you crack it right away it’ll cook on the hot cheese. Mmmmm

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Thank you! With my big brood, I don’t get out much but I did get to visit Fatt Root in Pleasantville around my birthday. My husband & I shared the impossible dan dan noodles, the shotgun wantons (both very spicy and yummy), the the California Girl - crab, cabbage, avocado, aoili and rice. All were well executed - the dan dan noodles hit that Szechuan spot that I crave often and the California Girl was a great blend of flavors and textures. There are Sriracha bottles decorating the walls so you can always add more heat. I called in an order and asked for bubble tea, but they took it off the menu. I was surprised and disappointed since they just opened. (I love bubble tea) All in all, it’s a really different and delicious concept and so far, they’re doing well.


Another winner from Joe Bueti and the Village Social group

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We met Joe when we had lunch at Locali for HVRW. Nice guy.

He really is. We have known Joe since he owned Strega in Pleasantville many moons ago! His brother Frank was the chef there. He now runs Locali.

Actually now that you mentioned it, it think it was Frank that we met.

Light hair?

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