Two new BIG MAC's coming to a Mc"D's near you!

It’s been years since I’ve had a Big Mac and I"m not sure these changes are going to attract me to trying either of them. One thing I did notice the last time I had one is they seemed to have shrunk over the years…I don’t know if it’s just me but I do remember the Big Mac’s of my youth being larger than the ones the sell today. Perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective but that was my observation.

I used to get 2 Big Macs, instead of 1 big mac and fries. So now I can just get 1 large and not bother with a second.

Here’s a helpful visual for folks to assess the options. The image and YouTube video includes the GIGA Big Mac, which I believe is only available in Japan. The smallest article is the regular hamburger, not the Big Mac Jr.

The video is in Japanese, so turn on CC unless you’re fluent.

Wow, must have been a while since I bought a Big Mac. Those suckers are expensive. I’m a mustard and ketchup guy; never a fan of the secret sauce or the extra middle bun.

I like the secret sauce . They used to put a lot more of it on the burger . Now you can barely taste it and the burger is dry . The Big Mac has always been my favorite . A Big Mac and a cheese burger is all I ever get .


Ummmmm am I really the only one who questions how the F’ she ate all that? I’m calling BS !!


I haven’t done exhaustive research on her, but I believe she’s a known quantity in the world of competitive eating.


The marquee on the nearest Mickey Ds to us is listing the Junior Big Mac at $2.49. I’m not impressed with their price point.

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It really has nothing to do with the Big Mac but, FWIW, I went back to the street I grew up on about 40 years later and the ‘big’ hill I used to sled down in the snow couldn’t have been more than 50 feet in elevation. So there’s that.


I thought I’d replied directly to NotJr but, well… you get my point. It’s that thumb-on-iPhone thing again.

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Ok, so first of all, who the hell named these things? How can they not go with “Lil Mac, Big Mac, and Mac Daddy”? C’mon.

Second of all, the meat to bun ratio on the jr is all off!

I’m kinda tempted to try the Grand Mac, but McD’s has shown time and again that they are incapable of putting out a larger patty that actually tastes good.

I’m gonna bet that neither of the new ones are worth it, but I’ll probably end up trying the GM and cursing myself for it.


How is it the Japanese are not all fat whales when they have these Giga sizes available to them? They must be banned!

Wow, must have been a while since I bought a Big Mac. Those suckers are expensive. I’m a mustard and ketchup guy; never a fan of the secret sauce or the extra middle bun.

Then stick with the McDoubles. Tasty and amazing bargain at 2/2.50 (at least in my area, NJ). I actually really enjoy the McDouble - simple hamburger goodness. Occasionally I’ll get the BM with a coupon. BTW the McDonald’s app is packed with great bargains!

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I don’t think we have that deal out here right now but I agree with your premise completely.

The bogo large sandwich coupon works for big macs and 1/4 lb. I tried getting the double qp and that isn’t valid on the app. FYI

The app doesn’t say that but I found out when I tried ordering. I think they started making my sandwiches and had to abort when I got to the window lol. I always order mine with extra pickles so they cook it fresh.

I remember a while back in montreal they had a triple Bic mac or double (4 patties)…something awesome when I used to party up there. My memory is hazy

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I tried a Grand Big Mac yesterday. It tasted just like the regular size, but it was much more difficult to handle. The bottom bun droops on the back side, and some lettuce and pickles fall out. I have large hands and I had trouble keeping the whole thing together. I thought about cutting it in half, but that would defeat the whole purpose of getting one burger instead of two!

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Haven’t had the grand mac but I tried the Mac Jr to get a sense of the patty and bun (GM and MJ share the same buns and patties). I gotta say I think the best ratio is still with the original BM.

Big Macs ended my spouse’s vegetarianism, so we like 'em. The Grand Mac was more of a food challenge than a sandwich. There was so much sauce that the patties were sliding around in the buns like opposing magnets. Any pressure in the buns started a sauce avalanche. The amount of lettuce wasn’t enough to give any real textural difference between the sauce and the meat. It was also a gutbomb. After two bites, I gave up. Spouse went for a few more bites.

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