Twizzlers, dafaq?!

Hadnt had them in years, strawberry always my favorite. Dad offered my a few as he bought a jug of them at a warehouse club. Odd playdough flavor, super sticky, overly soft…What happened? Anyone still like’em?

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I have had them lately and they were the almost thesame flavor, but not as hard/stale as they can get. I have also gotten ones that were halfway in between soft and hard, but same flavor, and I liked them better. I think that when they are super fresh they may have some flavors/aromas that are volatile, and as they age they disappear and they taste more like they should. We probably never got fresh ones as kids.

Could be

I’ve always preferred Red Vines, but I don’t like their packaging (can’t be resealed).

A “funny” recollection for me. I had a passion for Twizzlers as a pre-teen. They used to come in a single serving pack, with 10? joined together. Absolutely loved them as a snack.

Fast forward, say six decades, and I buy a big package at our local grocery. Strawberry flavored. Taste them and think “this doesn’t taste anything like how I remember them.” Months later, I buy the same sized package, only Cherry flavor. First thought, “these don’t taste anything like how I remember them.”

Stopped buying them.

I was always a Red Vines fan, as a kid sometimes teachers would bring in the big bucket size and they were nice and soft. They sold a “small” package with like four servings in there, my bff and i would split a pack at the movies.
Once the australian red licorish became easily available a thing red vines was dead to me. And then there was an incident where very expensive dental work was removed by said licorish (was probably loose anyhow) and we had to go our separate ways.


I’ve never seen this. In fact the only place I know that even sells Red Vines is CVS, and they just have the cardboard box with the plastic wrapping you slice open. Duane Reade and Rite Aid just have Twizzlers.

And that’s the civilian package. Costco’s is 5.5 lbs.

Ha!! Yes! That exactly the bucket tub my teachers would have… and that was a really long time ago now!

We have those. The guy next door goes thru 1 of those a week. He gives the containers after he’s done and I save em to put pot in.
When I was a kid , we used to have licorice ropes, which were hollow. Cherry :cherries: my favorite. We’d buy a bottled Dodger or Nehi and proceed to use the licorice as a straw
and drink away, then eat the rope.

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This was the only red licorice allowed in our home as kids. LACES!!