TW Food, Bergamot or Alden & Harlow - suggestions near Davis Sq./Somerville, MA


Need to eventually get to Davis Square and looking for a dinner place ahead of time. Doesn’t have to be in Davis Square - just someplace that would be a short commute on the T, walking or quick cab/uber.

Thinking possibly of TW Food, Bergamot or Alden & Harlow (ate here once and did not love but always willing to give a place another try). Would welcome your thoughts on these places or any others in the general vicinity. Thanks!!



Giulia (between Harvard and Porter) is fantastic. Reservations can be tough, but there are often walk in seats at the bar, particularly on the early side.


Thank you for the suggestion! Ate there a few years ago but it has fallen off the radar. I’ll give it a look.



Spoke is right in Davis Square and is super. Really flavorful and creative food, interesting wines and cocktails, fun atmosphere (I recommend sitting at the bar). Small plates; order 1.5 per person, more if you’re hungry.


TW Food I think of as quiet and grown up. Bergamot is very friendly vibe, a bit more motion and action but still overall relaxed, and Alden & Harlow is bustling, busy and sceney. All have good food- I know that’s not very descriptive, but since I’ve had great meals at all, I would look at the menus and see what appeals to you, and make your decision based on that, ability to get a reservation, and what noise level you favor. Spoke is my favorite place to eat in Davis (by a mile) and the food that comes out of that tiny little kitchen amazes me. Their drinks program is top notch. I would want a reservation for sure if coming with a group and trying to make it somewhere after, but have had luck with reservations- it seems to fly a bit under the radar.


Terrific feedback! Spoke has spirits as well as wine? Thinking of saving TW Food for another time when not trying to get somewhere. Right now torn between A&H and Spoke (if I can get a proper drink).



If you want a full liquor license, definitely save TW Food for another time, as they are wine & beer only. Spoke is an excellent recommendation and does offer a full bar.


Many thanks for the recommendation! Just called to see if I could get it. Waiting for a return call.



Spoke it is! Thanks again for the suggestions.



Thank you guys!!! Dfan, Parsnipity and uni’s recommendation of Spoke was more than spot on! What a great spot with terrific food and service. How I wish it was in my neighborhood - I would be there all the time! That said, I will make a point of going there even if I have nothing else planned in the area it was that good. We really loved it! Full report to follow!!