TV show opinions requested- Katie's Beach Bites

Okay, I understand that we shouldn’t have long drawn-out bashing of chefs, but this isn’t a chef.
I’m talking about “Katie’s Beach Bites”, and wondering if any of you have found anything AT ALL redeeming about this show other than the bikini-clad hottie trotting around, smiling, and oohing and aahing over seaside food offerings. Even my 28 year old son said it was lame (although he may be talking about the culinary value and not the male hoo hoo hoo value to his mom).
Does anybody see this show as having any redeeming qualities other than trying to draw in a bigger male audience for the network?

Hmmmmm. Billy Joel’s ex-wife has been on a few shows and I know she writes cook books. My DirectTV guide doesn’t list this show at all. Google says it’s on The Cooking Channel but IMDB says there were only 7 episodes made and it aired in the Spring/Summer of 2016. Must not have drawn the audience needed to continue.

Never heard of it. Year? Channel?

See my post just above yours.

If this is it I think it’s the best show I’ve ever watched.


I made it through 12 minutes of the first episode. It isn’t at all about cooking, just eating. Even there they are bottom feeding off the options in St Thomas. Just awful.

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My opinion is that it’s a naked (ha!) attempt to recruit male viewers. She doesn’t seem to be knowledgeable about food, I saw an ad for her show yesterday, and the things she was saying on it were “Mmmmmm!” “Yum!” and “That’s good!” Then a little later I was watching Taco Trip, and Aaron Sanchez was describing beautifully and with much detail the tastes and nuances of whatever he was eating at the time. Frankly, even the name Beach Bites annoys me.

Oops, it seems I’ve already spouted off about this show, and replied to a post that I started. How embarrassing. Oh well, at least my opinion is consistent.

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