Turning Point (Ocean)

My wife and I ha the opportunity to have a late breakfast at the newly opened location in Ocean. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we took a bottle of Champagne and made Mimosas. Parking is plentiful, and the place is fairly large and divided into two sizable, high-ceilinged rooms. The place is beautiful - I felt like I was walking into a “Two Chicks” reveal. Everything is new and shiny.

Service was prompt, but the pace was slow. The menu took some time to properly digest. Now for the food. My wife had chicken and waffles and was quite pleased. I did a breakfast combo, which was OK. As has sadly become the norm, the potatoes were a complete disappointment. The eggs and waffle were quite good, with the heated pourer of maple syrup being a nice touch.

My wife, as I said, loved her food. I’m a harder case - the food was better than a bad diner, but not as good as a great diner. Is it worth a try? Yeah, I think it is.

A complete aside - when we were there we saw quite a number of families with small children. Mom, dad, and the kids. YMMV


Sounds like a nice time.
I have enjoyed breakfast at the Long Branch location but mostly have ordered basic breakfasts and coffee. I do recall the Whole Grain Pancakes and Avocado Toast being tasty.
Was driving through Westfield recently and passed by one there. Must be doing something right.

You summed it up for me right there. My daughter is into going to all these “fancy” breakfast places, but not for me, I prefer a good ole diner breakfast. The Americana in my personal opinion is tough to beat for an egg, meat and potatoes breakfast.


I finally got to the Americana - thank you for the recommendation.

Very real; very good.

Went to Americana last year for dinner.
They were playing current music, not the '80’s or Classic Rock. It was very refreshing and I let the manager know.
He said that they let loose a little at night. Not sure if it helped or hurt their business but was a nice break from the usual.

I went to the Paramus Turning Point last week. It was my first visit to any of their locations. The consensus: It was good, but not a place anybody would go out of their way for to go to again. I liked my eggs benedict, but I like them everywhere else, too.

I have only been to Americana a couple of times since they renovated/re-invented themselves. I didn’t know they were still open for breakfast. I’ll have to check it out.

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