Turning cake mix into cookies - advice please

I would like to turn a box of Trader Joe’s Meyer lemon cake mix into sandwich cookies, adding almond meal and shredded sweetened coconut to the dough. The mix calls for an egg, a cup of water, and 1/2 cup melted butter. It is baked in a 4x8" loaf pan. I will use coconut oil in place of butter. My idea is to add a tbsp of water at a time until I get the right dough hydration. I’m thinking a half cup each of the almond flour and coconut. Thoughts?

I guess it should turn into something cookie-like and edible. I don’t know if you need water at all, most cookie recipes have only egg and vanilla as their liquids.

What will the filling be?

Are the almond flour and coconut for flavor only or are you trying to add protein or fiber or something? It’s just that they may make things more dry and crumbly or harder to work with, and a few drops of almond extract would be more effective than almond meal.

Almond for fiber, coconut for flavor. The mix contains a packet of tasty lemon icing, which I would mix with melted white chocolate.

Though I love almond paste and extract, their strong flavor would fight the very nice lemon of this TJ mix, which is flying off the shelves. Almond meal is much less intense. Perhaps extra egg, yolk only, would add cohesiveness without extra lift.

You’re right, almond extract would be a lot going on.

I love coconut but the sweetened shredded is SO sweet. How runny is the icing? Maybe you could thicken it by mixing the coconut into the icing instead of adding more sugar with white chocolate. Lemon-almond cookies with lemon-coconut icing.

I don’t ever use mixes so I really don’t know, but will be curious to see what you end up with!

Mmm, now I want something coconut :yum:

2 eggs and 1/2 cup of vegetable oil will turn any standard cake mix into cookie dough. I’ve done it many times, it’s fun to make with the tiny tots in your life.