Turner Fisheries, Melrose.

Has anyone been recently? Was thinking of giving it a try. Always looking for a good seafood restaurant.
Hope to Enjoy,

No, but I have been to the one in Salem, MA and it was excellent.

Thanks. I look forward to trying it.

please let us know how it is, this is in range of where i tend to circulate on weekends!

Will do. Not sure when I’ll get there, but soon.

We love it there, best raw bar around at a reasonable cost. All their seafood is very fresh. We always eat at the raw bar, on occasion a table. Try the Asian nachos and chocolate fallen cake. Never been disappointed.

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Thanks for this info. Looking forward to trying it. Was wondering if it’s the same people that had the Turner Fisheries in the Weston Hotel? I really loved that place!
Waiting to Enjoy,