Tuna not tuna??

If proven true. Greed knows no bounds.

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Not sure how their bread lawsuit resulted and I can’t say I have ever bought any sandwich from Subway because NJ is plentiful on privately owned sub shops BUT if I was faced with allegations and lawsuits the first thing I would gladly do is pull out the mega can of tuna my company is using to prove the product(s) I’m using are legit. easy-PROOF. Which makes me wonder why the Subway lawyers haven’t.

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Since the plaintiffs haven’t said what the sandwich filling IS (as opposed to what it is not), I think the burden of proof is on them. As it usually is, law-wise. Here’s a line from the article: “Shalini Dogra, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, declined to say exactly what ingredients the lab tests revealed.”

The only thing this lawsuit will do for us consumers is increase the price of Subway sandwiches.

Whether you are a Subway customer or not, that is never good news. If Subway increases its prices, it allows every other sandwich purveyor out there carte blanche to do the same. Y’know, that saying about the rising tide …

Thank you Lanier law firm.

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Why wait until court if you have nothing to hide. Kind of all over the place. How many tuna sandwiches does subway sell…gazillions? If it was my business on the line and I had nothing to hide, I’d nip it in the bud. Retractions occur just as often as accusations.

I doubt that waving a tuna can around is going to prove much, certainly not that all their tuna sandwiches are tuna sandwiches.

Lol, hardly. I agree…a few trips to their production line would be wiser. Like a field trip :grin:

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Scroll down to see Subway’s response to the lawsuit. Right now I’m leaning towards their side, but that law firm did win the original $4.69B verdict in the Johnson & Johnson case. You’d think they have at least something to go on. Only time will tell I guess.


Is it made out of ham too, like the rest of their deli meat? j/k Honestly though, while I have no issues generally with consumers demanding corporate accountability on accurate and clear food labels and terms, there is a degree of eyeroll when it comes to Subway or any other fast food chain. My thoughts is: please, drop the outrage, – it’s Subway, that has a history of offering either “alternative” takes on common sandwich ingredients to clearly not the healthiest version of these sandwiches either. Are you really that outraged? Feel free to call them out on their BS and demand they make a change via social media, picketing, something that gets their attention, but a lawsuit like this just clogs up an already clogged legal system. Now if this is the only way Subway will start to be more transparent, then shame on them. But let me guess that both sides will just point their fingers at each other.

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McDonalds has a search engine on their website that explains every single product in great detail. Easy peasy corporate move that takes aim at such concerns for any number of consumer related questions.

Not that hard to be transparent! And negative press only opens the flood gates. Lawyers are the only winners…and I’m married to a lawyer.

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I get my own then there is no doubt… Not just tuna But bluefin…

I bet it’s skipjack in the subway mix. Tuna family…

98 Lbs

Now that’s what I want to see in my Subway sandwich – if I ever consumed them.

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