Trying to help a friend... [NJ]

One of my dearest friends is, let’s just say, not a great planner. :grin: She’s struggling to find a place to host a 55th b’day party for her wife, and the spots she thought might work in downtown Cranford aren’t options (sidebar: why a place that HAS A PRIVATE SPACE won’t book it for a Saturday night is beyond me).

-NOT fancy (they were looking at the Cranford Hotel and Kilkenny’s, among other places) and not Ferrara’s in Westfield.
-Private space for ~30 people so mixing/mingling will take place
-Can be BYO or not
-Some vegetarians in the mix so there just have to be options
-Can be a menu package or order off the menu
-Trying to keep it around $40pp
-Sat night
-Cranford, Westfield, or Clark area preferred

Annnnnd…GO! I have a few thoughts, but figured you HOs would have others.

ETA I did a search and didn’t find any reference to Spanish Tavern in Mountainside. Anyone been there?

Just attended a party here in November. Relaxing space. We had 50 guests. Nice staff. Food was tasty. They have a large parking lot. Nice bar service. Mountainside.

Thank you! That’s one I’m not familiar with…will def add it to the list.

We liked the private room space and the menu was a combo of 3 diff family style apps that were passed by guests at each table and a choice from 3 entrees per guest plus coffee/bday cake and cookies. My steak was awesome and they had veg options.

Great to hear, as the b’day girl is Vegaquarium ™ as I call it! :slight_smile:


I have been to the Spanish Tavern several times, but only for lunch. I was very pleased with the food and especially the service. Hope someone else can comment on whether it would be appropriate for your friend’s needs.

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Thank you! I just heard from her…they’ve got a reservation at a local place called Paragon Tavern and Tap…I’ll let you all know how it is in a few weeks.

Taormino or La Campagnola in Kenilworth, if they want Italian. Have had birthday parties at both and was very pleased.

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