Truffles, Wading River, NY

I’ve been living in the area for many years and have never tried Truffles. We’ve always opted for Phil’s across the road.
We tried it last night and it’s very good. Great food, especially the hand formed burgers. For Octoberfest they had several tasty German specials on the menu. All good.
The bar area was full and welcoming with the usual sports on the TVs.
The dining area is a bit odd with an upper and lower section.
Friendly, attentive servers.
The only issue I had was that the booths were a bit tight. I’m not fat but not slim. The table was too darned close. The same for all of the booths. There are regular tables down on the lower level. I’ll sit there next time.

Just curious - my sister in law lived in Rocky Point and then Wading River before a move out to LA. We used to go to a place called Deck’s in Rocky Point - do you know if its still there?

Deks? The one that used to be Avenue nightclub? I was always weirded out by that spot, but Deks is still there last I heard.

Interesting! I was told to avoid Truffles (by the salesman that sold them) because it was a sleezy place that people went to get drunk. Glad to hear they may have cleaned up their act :wink: I’ve never given them much thought before.

We always enjoyed it - nothing fancy, but they always had a prime rib. I don’t know about Avenue - it was Deks when she first moved out there.

Avenue was a club, might have even been classified as a “discoteque”, that’s how long ago it was. They made the local news a few times, and not in a good way…but I’m talking about ancient history here!

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