Truffle storage question

How to store my immaculate truffle? In risotto rice? Or just wrap it in kitchen paper and zip it up to store in the fridge? Where exactly in the fridge? This one is a bit big to eat all in one go.

(photo taken with my beer in the pub, right after arriving from the market with my shopping)

Store? Just shave it all up over fresh fettucine or tagliatelle. Boom.

It’s only for short-term storage but looks like it won’t last long. It’s buried in risotto rice now. I will make 2 things with it.

Plain cooked lobster tail, half of the fresh truffle shavings and oil. Infusing it in oil takes time so I have to find another way.

The other meal will be risotto.

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Weighs 1.5kg whole. Took me some time to remove the head’s membrane and flesh. My bare hand and its teeth are like snagging a stocking on a splinter.

Mocking me

Eating it tonight

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It didn’t mock you, it monked you! :smile: The Nobu miso cod recipe is great with monkfish.


Old post but I wonder if you could store it/them in the future in cheese paper in the coldest part of the fridge.

Thanks. I have stored it in risotto rice and also sliced in good olive oil. I really like risotto with truffle this way.

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