True low carb sushi!!!

I just stumbled on this and I’ve got to tell you it’s pretty dam good! Look for it if you have a Wegmans near you!

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No Wegmans on this side of the country but thats how we make it at home. Works for us!

I noticed in their produce section they had “cauliflower rice” which seemed to be finely chopped cauliflower. I’ve been “mashing” it for a long time as a potato substitute but I’ve never seen the rice version prior to this.

Do you chop fine, then boil? Any other uses you care to share?

I usually grate it on the big holes of a box grater and then cook it in a dry pan over low heat but now that Trader Joes has it in the freezer section for $1.99 I let them do the work.

Fried “rice,” in sushi, in enchilada casserole ( pure squishy comfort food,) under short ribs and other saucy things, in alllllll sorts of things.

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Low carb, high cholesterols probably.

Easy to make at home. I use the fine shredding plate on our food processor and just feed in the florets. Instant cauliflower rice and easy clean up. You can cook many ways. Steam, boil, microwave or sauté. Doesn’t take long to cook to take the raw out of it

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So is the cauliflower then dressed like sushi rice?

Dressed? It’s wrapped around the fish and wrapped with nori since the cauliflower doesn’t have the same sticky consistency as rice.

I meant does it have the sushi vinegar taste to it?

Just a thought. (nothing against low carb cauliflower). Why not just have sashimi instead of sushi. That will be low carbohydrate too.

Well in a word…BORING. I enjoy the different roll combinations etc so being able to find interesting rolls without rice is pretty cool stuff. At least for me.

Nice! There are a few sushi places near my office that offer different fillings wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber instead of rice/nori, but I’m not a huge cucumber fan so that gets old quickly. I wish we had a Wegs nearby!

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