Tropical Hut Old Bridge

I often stop in this small store/restaurant in a strip mall plaza on Rt 9 near Ferry Rd to get take out. Their Filipino spring rolls, tiny and filled with meat, are fantastic with sweet chili sauce. I also get their skewers of grilled pork and their empanadas. I have tried many things from their steam table as well and it’s all good and very reasonably priced.

I was there yesterday and I added this to my order:

I was hoping it would taste sorta like my favorite Thai Som Tum but instead it was more like pickled papaya shreds. I suppose it was the sweet and sour dressing. Has anyone ever had this?

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@goodparmesan to the courtesy phone… :grin:

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I have nothing of value to add to this, however I just thought I would tell you as I read:

my favorite Thai Som Tum

My inner voice continued that with:


I just wanted to point out the cool shape they cut the carrot into and also the raisins along with the red chili slices. I have been experimenting with it and with a scosh of fish sauce it is not bad at all.

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