Trip to Austin TX with a 1 year old

Hi everyone,
My husband and I are thinking of visiting Austin in a couple months. We’ve been before and loved it but this time we’d have our 1 year old in tow. Before we buy flights and all that, I’d love some feedback on how we will fare food-wise with what might be a very mobile toddler pretty soon.

We loved La BBQ and other BBQ spots which I know she’d love, along with Swift’s Attic, Odd Duck, and a few others (this was about 5 years ago now I guess so I’m not sure if these places still even exist). We also got goat tacos so good they still live on in my dreams and saw a 20 piece jazz orchestra at Adelbert’s (again, the stuff of dreams)… Hit up Jester King and a few other breweries as my husband is a huge beer nerd.

Do you think we will find equally good food/drink opportunities with our little one? We obviously will skip any places that are not child friendly, but I guess that’s part of my question… How kid friendly is Austin’s food scene? Any specific recommendations? She is very adventurous right now and will eat literally anything so I’m not worried about finding places that cater to kids’ palates.

Thanks in advance!

There are a few Austin-ites here that will no doubt jump in, but I think there are lots of options for parents, and more are taking kids to casual-yet-adult venues. Good luck!

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