Trip planning--Paris with a pescatarian

So, I’m heading to Paris with a friend who eats fish, seafood, and she does also eat chicken. Just no red meat, other fowl or innards. I’m late posting (I feel like I’ve already leaned on these boards a lot and didn’t want to overstep). I have booked us into Ze Kitchen Galerie and La Condesa (let them know about my friend’s restrictions when I made the reservations). We’re staying near great falafel and crepes in the Marais. The two big meals are tasting menus…and I’m wondering if you have other suggestions? Is Clamato still good? Last time I was at the Bistrot du Dome, I found it a little tired. I think a good Italian restaurant wouldn’t go amiss either, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to an Italian restaurant in Paris.

We are there June 3-11, so nothing that requires months of planning. Sorry, this week has gotten away from me, but I am getting excited now! Am looking at all the other suggestions floating, but wanted to know if you think I should try something in particular? Merci!

P.S. I booked Le Vent D’Armor, but read on, and there seems to be some question about it…will mull. Also, wanted to know if Pantagruel could serve for my friend? It looks fantastic and veggie and fish forward? Could avoid meat? Is it just a “surprise” menu, or can one eat a la carte? Merci encore une fois!

There’s always Comptoir de la Mer if you want a bunch of good small plates with wine.

Almost all restaurants in Paris these days will accommodate dining requests that are made in advance. The sole exception that I’m aware of seems to be Abri.

Thanks to both. Useful for me!

Italian in Paris is generally quite good. My faves are 1-star Passerini on the fringes of the Aligre quartier in the 12th and Racines in the Passage des Panoramas in the 2nd. But don’t expect nonna’s cooking or identikit Italian. Both serve excellent updated modern version of Italian, or in the case of Racines, Sardinian cuisine. Quite a revelation. And both chefs are delightful and personable.

Quick question: I am on my own on Tuesday night next week in Paris. I have booked a late (for me, 9:30 pm) table at Pavyllon. I have never eaten at a Yannick Alleno restaurant, so I am interested to try, but would like someone who’s been there to weigh in? The idea that I would be at a bar and able to watch the action appeals, but only if the food is good? Recommendations off the menu? If you don’t recommend, I’ll go back to the drawing board…Thanks!!!

I had lunch there with John Talbott just before the pandemic. His review is spot on.

OMG, thank you so much! I keep re-reading John Talbott’s blog posts, but had missed this one. I will definitely take a nap and go! Looking forward to trying this place, for sure now! Hoping he is okay, and weathering this storm okay! If you are in touch, please forward my thanks for many, many years of enjoyment of his reviews!

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I visited France twice while I was a ovo lacto pescatarian ( a fish eater who did not eat chicken, but did eat chicken eggs).

I had no trouble finding places to eat.

I guess my favourite quick thing is crêpes with butter, sugar and lemon.
Or coffee éclairs. So many good things made with cheese or fish in Paris.

It’s one of the few upmarket restos that I would consider going to on my own (without an expense account). It’s very good ! Asked to be seated in the middle of the very long counter, not at one of the ends. Or one of the outside tables if you can tolerate cigarette smoke… idyllic setting for savouring the midsummer twilight.

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Great,thanks! Do I call before my reservation? Or just request upon arrival? Excited to go now! Also trying a number of places recommended here and there on HO. My pescatarian friend has contracted Covid, so a little unclear whether she is joining me for any of it! C’est la vie?

How about the seafood institution Le Duc?

243 Bd Raspail, 75014 Paris, France

Not exactly close to where you’ll be staying…but it’s an old-school, well-reputed classic with lots of famous dishes, such as the lobster with orange and burnt onions. Not cheap, but an a la carte splurge for a nice lunch.

Bon voyage!

You can play this several ways. Inform the restaurant when you make a reservation or, if you are willing to play it loose, just tell them while ordering that you only eat fish, not meat or chicken. We’ve traveled with a strict vegetarian some 15 years ago when these restrictions weren’t so ubiquitous and had no problem. He was not a demanding “foodie” and happily ate what was served, and the FOH and kitchen seemed to have no problem with trying to serve him well. And as I’ve written elsewhere, a woman next to us was put out of shape when her starter was the same as her meat-eating companion, but hers had no meat. But it met her requirements. So it depends on your expectations and demands.

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Thanks to all! As it turned out, my pescatarian friend contracted Covid and never made it to Paris. Since I ate for my palate, therefore, I will keep these fishy suggestions for future meals (and report back here). But I decided maybe better just to upload my trip report as a generic report so it wasn’t misleading to people looking for opinions about these (I’m sure wonderful) suggestions!

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