Trinktisch, Belmont MA

Once a week we tend now to get takeout food to support some of the local restaurants. We often cover old favorites like Area4, Sycamore, Buttonwood, Posto, Moldova etc. but from time to time it is also worth exploring new options (even though we are quite hesitant as takeout food doesn’t really represent restaurant food in a really good way, e.g. often not really hot food etc.).
Trinktisch from the people behind Craft Beer Cellar (Belmont) looked quite interesting for awhile (if you are interested in German/European gastropub food) but also had a very limited menu since opening. More recently they expanded their menu with specials which makes it much more attractive and yesterday it was time to test them out. We order the pork schnitzel with braised red cabbage and potatoes (really good and better than Bronwyn’s version, especially the rotkohl), The Heidelberg - two sausages with sauerkraut and pretzel (again very, very good), German potato salad (very good - more focusing on the southern German variations with an oil dressing), Spargelsalad - great German asparagus salad with a mustard sauce, chicken croquettes (good but not great), Cous Cous salad (very good) and deviled eggs (simple but really nice). We finished with their two desserts - Belgian waffle and Danish kringle which suffered most being takeout food but still very quite good (and without doubt very good when eaten fresh).
Overall the food was very, very good and a nice representation of German food many tourists often expect to eat in German (even though not many Germans eat this food anymore) and it is also remarkable how cheap it was for the quality and compared to pretty much all other restaurants.


Just looked at the menu and the schnitzel is described differently and your version sounds much better! Thanks for posting, I had no idea that they even existed. And they are open for lunch and promptly went on my goto list.

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Useful report! I have been curious about this place.

this is great, I had no idea about this place. thanks for the report!

We live nearby and it had fallen off our radar. With native German friends, we thank you for putting it back on our radar. I was sad at the loss of the street-level beer store but they used the old Foodies/Macy’s to good use.


Always looking for good German and eastern European food. And this is right near our home! Can’t wait to try it! Any more suggestions? We know the Dorchester place, Bronwen’s, Moldova (which is getting a bit at the geographic edge of what we’re looking for). We miss the place on Market Street in Allston, which had a strange combo of Hungarian and Indian food. The owner/chef had been a chef at Cafe Budapest (for those of you who go WAY back). Will travel for schnitzel and spaetzel!