Trinity Brewhouse [Providence RI]

We had to make another trip to Barrington yesterday (short story is we’re learning to deal with the infrastructure of a new-to-us house). We decided to grab a late lunch at an old favorite, Trinity Brewhouse, located across from Trinity Rep theater. This was one of the first places I took B to when we started dating so it has a special place in our hearts. It’s comfortable, welcoming, unpretentious. We grabbed a cozy booth, Spring Onion got his obligatory hot dog accompanied by hot chocolate. B went with veggie chili, which was good, but needed something, perhaps a dash of umami, it lacked depth. We split the scallops po’ boy which was not on a long torpedo-style roll but a burger bun. Scallops were on the small side (they were bay scallops obviously, not sea) but they were well-made and plentiful. I subbed in a three-bean salad, there was red cabbage slaw that needed more vinegar, and B got the very good green beans. Wonderful service from both the host and server and great setlist from the bartender (among others, Kurt Vile). We were all in our happy place. And look - my photos are not sideways!


Forever since we were down that way. Glad to see that place is still going!