Trinciti [South Ozone Park]

A superb order of doubles (compliments of a loyal customer) from Trinciti, South Ozone Park, Queens. This pose is fine for a revealing photo, but if you get all the sauces — and why wouldn’t you? — unwrapping it bit by bit is much less messy. Still, get a good wad of napkins.


Reminds me of a super messy Sabich sandwich I had a few weeks ago. Good, but owner advised a baguette instead of Pita for some reason. NSFC (not safe for car). Ran out of napkins and clean clothes within minutes

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where was this? Sabich IS a messy meal.

I like all the trini sauces too - one of the families at my church brings doubles (the makings) for special events, but I dont know where they get them. Just love these.

Oshi’s Cafe (Quentin/Nostrand) - It IS a messy meal. Thats where the pita helps contain things

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Gotta remember to go there. Dave?

Its a tiny corner Falafeleria. I wouldnt necessarily go out of my way, but I’d try the Falafel and have the Sabich again if I’m around.

Funnily enough, the only pure Sabich place I’ve ever seen is in Paris

I’d go, but, as Ziggy suggests, perhaps only when we’re in the neighborhood.

That order of doubles looks fantastic. Doubles crawl someday, anyone?

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Well, I was around today again and had an excellent Falafel. Right up there with Tanami

Now I want bake & shark.

Trini crawl for sure

I don’t know that I can digest a series of doubles, between the fried bread and the chickpeas :rofl:

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If you can wait til Sept I’d be happy to do a doubles crawl. When I go alone I never crawl beyond Singh’s.

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I often volunteer to take friends/family to JFK as an excuse to stop at Trinciti! I’d be interested in a Trini crawl.