Trestle [SF, Jackson]

Superlative meal at Trestle last year. Every plate was crafted with flavor profiles on the dot. Texture and color to boot. We didn’t do the wine pairing on purpose because I am not a fan of walking away completely smashed from such a superb meal.


Thanks for the report and pics! I haven’t been back to Trestle in several years, glad it is still going strong. I see their prix-fixe menu is still a good deal at $39.

We had a fabulous meal at Trestle back in February. A colleague has a brother who’s a somm in SF, and apparently Trestle is well known for both value and wines in the trade.

Another stellar meal at Trestle. I keep returning to this place and it remains consistently beyond reproach. This is often my go-to for entertaining out of town visitors. Simple preparations of ruthlessly sourced ingredients executed at the highest level. Top that with one of the better front of house teams in the business.

There was a white truffle supplement on the menu this evening, but I didn’t go there as I was still feeling the after effects of Thanksgiving over indulgence.

Note that the price for the set menu is $49. This includes a service charge, which they are sincere about (there is no line for tipping on the charge slip and the server explicitly pointed this out. I still left a tip – a two dollar bill – as I really appreciated the high level of service).

They graciously accommodated me with my preferred table.

Had a glass of wine and beer with every course. Added (Firebrand. Wood -fired) bread and whipped butter.

Potato Parsnip Chowder with Salmon Roe. Chive Creme Fraiche
Wasn’t over creamed allowing the parsnip to shine.

Waldorf Salad. PR Blue, Candied Walnut, Buttermilk Dressing

Beef, Kale, Chimichurri

Roasted Salmon & Cauliflower, Fennel Pistachio Gremolata, Pickled Currant.
Perfect skin.

Dessert was Apple Cobbler with Bay Leaf Ice Cream and Chocolate Angel Food Cake with Poached Pear.

$49 for the set menu sounds like an amazingly good price!