Trenton Tomato Pie (Why is it stuck in NJ?)

Trenton tomato pie is unique and can be very tasty when made correct (I suppose so is everything too).

You can find Chicago deep dish in many other part of the country. You can find New York and California pizza in many other places. Trenton tomato pies appear to stay locally. Correct? Just curious.

I’m pretty sure it invaded Philly and its environs. Growing up in NE Philly, Tony’s Tomato Pies were famous (as I am not a fan of tomato pies, I never understood why).

Also in Montgomery County, Corropolese in Norristown is known for theirs. They always appear at office potlucks. And I guess someone must love them because I think there are now 4 or 5 locations

CK’s Trenton’s Tomato Pie…I can see it in green and orange neon!! Make it happen CK !!!

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My parents moved to Philly in the early 1950’s and used to go to Tony’s for the tomato pie. They continued to occasionally go there after they moved to Jersey in the early 1960’s.

I had relatives that would drive from the Main Line for a Tony’s tomato pie. :confused:

It is in Philly and South Jersey but I’ve not seen the term anywhere else - basically it is a Sicilian but upside down and some notable but slight difference in crust thickness and texture

but come to think of it I don’t really see the term “Sicilian” pizza outside of the NY/NJ/PA Italian-American corridor

I am not sure the rest of the country is quite educated enough in the subtleties of Pizza to notice or care what makes Sicilian different than Tomato Pie different than Pizza and forget about the whole Connecticut “Apizza” loophole.

I have been craving some pizza now I think stir fry my have to wait and tonight may be time for some santucci’s upside down

Santucci’s square pizza, but not Sicilian :smiley:

most definitely NOT Sicilian :sunglasses:

Hidden just did a whole tomato pie competition. Only catch was that the places they visited had to be within 10 minutes of downtown Trenton. Well, the website does focus on all things Trenton. But that also meant that Papas and DeLorenzos in Robbinsville were not included, though Delorenzos in Hamilton and the branch of Papas in Risoldis Market were. Oddly enough, the overall winner was La Villa in Morrisville, Pa.

I am confused. Isn’t it suppose to be 10 min from Trenton?

Believe it or not, Morrisville, Pa. is just a short ride over the bridge from Trenton. You could probably walk it in about 15 minutes!