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Well, perhaps not.
Am posting here as this Board is lively and the Europe one ( Mr H aside ) is a bit flat.
Have just posted a request for recommendations in Madeira, esp Funchal. So, please give it a scan over there if you are custodian of any Madeira insights.
Thanks for reading and I promise not to post a picture of that Ronaldo statue on my return, if someone can recommend me somewhere good !

Never been, mate, so can’t help.

But I sort of know a guy who lives there, from another (non-food) board - interesting character (a retired mercenary possibly). Havent seen him around the other place for a while but will try and track him down.

Bear in mind that I’m a Man City supporter - so no Ronaldo photos please.

By the by, seeing as this is the UK board, I was quite surprised when I went to Jersey just how many folk from Madeira worked there in restaurants. I was told it was because both islands are outside the EU, so the Madeirans (?) couldnt get work easily in the EU, because free movement didnt apply to them, but could in Jersey.

Thank you, Mr H
Let me know where the mercenaries eat. You will note I have refrained from linking that to your football club…

John, all …ICOI
Funchal report just posted.Oh, and as requested


Hope you can keep your tea down after that :slight_smile:

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So thoughtful, mate, so thoughtful.