Trehalose, a popular sugar additive may have fuled the spread of 2 super bugs

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It seems that super bugs are fueled by the elimination of normal flora by antibiotics, and whether C. diff feeds on this kind of sugar beyond that depends on someone eating it, after the fact, or the bug will feed on something else, regardless: “A major risk factor for Clostridium difficile infection is prior exposure to antibiotics, as they disrupt the gut bacterial community which protects from C. difficile colonization… the pathogen adapts its physiology to the nutrients within different gut environments”…

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Wow, interesting.

Anyone caring for someone who has become ill with C-diff should get seriously educated about how the disease is spread, because it’s terrifying. Immunosupressed people and elderly especially at risk. C-diff can live in the bedclothes, be spread by casual contact from a pant leg to drapes, the couch, anywhere.

I buy bleach in bulk at Costco!

I guess any bactieria in the soil has got to be in the air. That’s what dust is after all. I’d only take antibiotics if it was life and death to begin with, because apparently it easily could be at some point after taking them.

Yes, you’re pretty damn sick once they prescribe vancomycin or cipromycin, the “gorillacillins” - w very broad spectrum action. Coming back from widespread gut-flora kill-off isn’t as easy as popping a course of probiotics either. Can take months, years. Stay healthy, people!

I’ll even ask if one’s prescribed if I really need to take it. Usually I don’t. I hate drug stores anyway, that’s like the only place I get sick. Now if someone coughs around me I’m out the door, because whatever else I had in mind wasn’t that important…

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