Treasury targets young men with Criminal wine brand

From the drinks business: Treasury Wine Estates is hoping to tap into the male millennial market via two new wine brands including one that focuses on the shipping of British convicts to Australia.

“TWE found that male millennials are intimidated by walls of wine and seek stories, heritage and great packaging from their wine brands.”

UGH how about just trying to make good wine instead of marketing wine like it’s body spray
I really don’t think these millenials are as dumb as marketers believe they are.

Yes, I assume these young men (who are considered ADULTS in their respective jurisdictions) will grow out of this quickly, as young women will grow out of pinkification and “skinny” booze.

The 19 crimes label has a funny video if you can turn it up. Their previous label featured a much nastier looking convict - the current one is a poet and Irish Nationalist.

Here, there are far better wines (including other Australian ones) available for the same price.