Tre Amici Long Branch NJ / Rumor

I had heard Tre Amici had closed (sometime over the summer)…but their web site is still up and active. I had heard that Pat Trama of AMA has taken over at Tre Amici. Not sure how accurate this is, apparently he is using his Ama menu at this new location? Kind of interesting since Ama is using his menu and recipes since removing him from the helm. As my title says, this is the rumor I heard, can anyone substantiate this?

Info on Trama’s Trattoria is here:

Well if it’s already open I guess it’s not so much a rumor as a fact. Day late with my information. Interesting to see how he does competing with himself, since I"m told the current menu is nearly identical to Ama.

I’ve heard mixed things about Trama’s and I am curious what the real story is. One thing is certain, it is not cheap.

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Market stall in Lima
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