Travelling oatcakes - the Tunstall tortilla


Living in North Cheshire, we’re only a few miles from the home of the oatcake, so we often come across them for sale. A regular part of Sunday breakfast at Harters Hall.

Could you translate for me?
Dirty flannel refers to?
And what is/are the Potteries?

A flannel, in this context, would be a face cloth (similar fabric to a towel). Good analogy - unlike a pancake (or crepe as the French and Americans call them), an oatcake does not look like a thing of beauty.

The Potteries - the area around the city of Stoke on Trent, with a history of ceramic manufacture, going back to the early 1700s. Still our major ceramic production area - probably the best known company, worldwide, would be Wedgwood. It’s about an hour’s drive south of me.

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Not as impressive as Arizona, but I’d never had a Staffordshire oatcake until a few weeks ago at the Coleman coffee shop not far from London Waterloo. Seemed like an ingenious way for a small shop to offer food. They had various pairings from cheese and ham to eggs and bacon.

I’m going to throw this question out here, then duck: Do Oatcakes taste anything like Cheerios?


But milk on them is not recommended, for much the same reason as a fried egg isnt often recommended on Cheerios.

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