Traveling to Vancouver/Vancouver Island in August

This is a vague request but I need some help focusing. This is my 4th trip to this corner of the world, my 2nd to Vancouver Island, and my first with my 4.5 year old spring onion in tow. My hubby B and I are known on the Boston board for locating a good meal in conjunction with a spring onion activity and we are striving for the same in Vancouver, where we’ll stay for a couple of days before ferrying over to Vancouver Island (Ukee, Jordan River, and a tiny house outside of Victoria). But there are so many more choices in Vancouver. In Vancouver proper, we’re staying in Strathcona and we plan to hit the usual suspects (science museum, aquarium, Stanley Park, UBC Anthropologie museum, Granville). We always like an adult beverage with our meals. There are many new-to-us brewpubs (which is usually the way we roll since there’s usually something our picky spring onion will eat) but I also suffer a bit from brewpub menu fatigue here in Boston.

Please good folks of Vancouver (or visitors with kids who have eaten well lately), are there any must-eats around these kid-centric places?

I depended a lot on greyelf, islandgirl, and LotusRapper on Chowhound on our last trip to Vancouver Island (2014) but I don’t see them here. Are there any Vancouver-area Onions out there? I always report back.

Consider a visit to the Vancouver (Richmond) Night Market which will be going on during your time there if you are there on the weekend. I would think the kids would get a kick out of it as well as the parents. Definitely something to eat for everyone.

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Stanley Park is just off downtown, and - nothing fancy - there are a million casual hole in the wall shwarma places. We have had a good amount of luck with these. It’s a great carry out and go sit on the beach type of food. Is the kids waterpark at Granville still operating? My kids loved it about 7 years ago. Re Vanc Isl (Victoria) do not miss either Buschart Gardens or the Butterfly Sanctuary. And there was a pretty good casual fish place on the pier in Victoria called something Suessy - maybe red fish blue fish. It’s been awhile though.

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Well, as for me, the problem of food-finding is not too serious anywhere in the world. The thing is that every country and city has chain of restaurants and even food courts. After my visit to Kola Peninsula I assure in it. Even they have several McDonalds and KFC.

Yes, I also saw several nets almost in every town of the world.

In Vancouver they have an amazing library worth a visit - very cool architecture. Richmond area for fabulous Chinese food (mostly Hong Kong style). There’s a large hotel in Richmond that has an indoor water park, which kids love, but I can’t remember the name at the moment. Think it may be the Delta Hotel.

Another vote for Buschart Gardens, truly beautiful. Also recommend a drive up the coast - it’s very rugged and windswept. Many people enjoy tea at the Empress hotel, which I think is now a Fairmont property. There’s a good selection of ethnic restaurants in both Victoria and Vancouver. We try to hit a White Spot for breakfast at least once while we’re there. They have them in Vancouver too. Enjoy your trip!

***It appears your trip has come and gone; how was it?

Posted my reports on the Canada-specific board, which may have gotten lost.

Van City / Van Island reports

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