Trapped in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach...

I’m here for a conference. Any recommendations for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, preferably within walking distance? Lots of places on 41st, but which are good? Looks like I’ll be able to get out for 1 or 2 dinners (probably late ones), plus a breakfast and lunch. Especially interested in fresh fish for dinner – hopefully something like The Columbia that’s in other parts of FLA. Maybe a deli for lunch?

Not really interested in the fancy places onsite – I had a great, but miniscule piece of fish at Mina 74 the other night, and would prefer better value. Doesn’t have to be cheap.


I feel bad nobody replied to you but not many of us here are in Miami. I’m 50 miles north and rarely venture that far south, too much traffic.

I found this list. I have been to The Forge and loved it.

Maybe instead of eating fish onsite, you can try to score a tour of the ‘Water World’ inside the property:

More on the Water World:

get a cab or uber up to North beach area and go the the Buenos Aries Bakery, Amazing pastries. For an interesting breakfast, go up to the Canyon Ranch.