Transparent cans?

I made a rare, rushed trip to Wegmans this week. I was surprised to see white beans in clear plastic cans. The lids were metal. The brand was a short name starting with G…Greg’s, Gary’s, maybe. With the thick cooking liquid, they looked unappealing.

Is this the can of the future? I could see there being ecological advantages but a dented can is still usable, most often. A cracked one is not.

Quick google search turned this up, looks like your suspect.

“…giving you the feeling that Glory Farms is proud of the farm-fresh vegetables it uses”. Poor.

“Giving you the feeling” virtually admits that the ad is trying to mislead, IMO. Why not: “Because we have pride and confidence in our products”?

Minor quibble, I suppose. Just gets on my wick.

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wish the 2 cans of coconut milk i just opened had been in transparent cans. both were almost clear, with small white chunks floating around. would have been nice if the quality control people had caught what was obviously a bad batch:)

Copy editing is dead.

Are the cans shaped like regular metal cans? Because I’ve been buying beans packed in glass jars for years now. Yes, they look like they were packed in snot, but after a rinse they’re pretty good.

Yes, the only difference from typical cans is the transparency. Your description of the appearance is “snot-on”!:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good detective job, NJR. What was on the shelf looked worse than the website images, though.

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That is a very odd way to phrase it, as if Glory Farms is not actually proud of the vegetables, but wants you to think it is. I’ve decided to take over the marketing:

“We’re so proud of our vegetable that we don’t want to hide them.”
“See what you’re getting, 'cause what you’re getting is great.”
“Clearly the best.”

I explored that website further and read industry statements about this new clear can. Its advantages include weighing less than metal cans, and being able to use emptied cans, recyclable lids removed, as fuel. But few recycling facilities are equipped to separate lids from walls or to process them.
Spray-on labels aren’t as legible as paper ones. I think using the latter would help, by covering the goo. Because let’s face it, the motivation to develop plastic cans is NOT to show off the quality of the contents, brand claims notwithstanding.

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Cans are metal. A plastic “can” is a plastic container. I prefer glass or, failing that, cans.

I’ve given up many products because the company switched to plastic. (Rose’s Lime Juice, V-8, various jams and condiments.)

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