Transiting through [Montreal] YUL via Air Canada - anything good and typical?

I am flying Air Canada to Newfoundland today transferring in Montreal. I’m about to do some online research as I wait but wondering is there anything good for lunch on offer near the air Canada gate area? Im hoping for something like smoked beef or tourtiere perhaps.

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There’s a St Hubert Express location inside the airport now. It’s a chain selling rotisserie chicken, and they will probably have tourtiere. The fuller service St Hubert’s have it.

The chain’s tourtiere is sold frozen across the country. I was pleasantly surprised with the St Hubert lobster rolls, taking into consideration it’s a chain, on my last summer visit to QC when I was still traveling.

Sugar pie is on the dessert menu.

Someone was tweeting about the St Hubert Express location inside the airport recently, this is how it came to mind.

I would think a Smoked Meat sandwich is also available inside the airport near the gate. Have not seeked it out. I have not been inside the airport in a long time.

Lester’s is in the US restricted area and would have smoked meat.

I really like St Hubert. The last location in Toronto closed about 20 years ago. The same large company owns Swiss Chalet and St Hubert. I have always preferred the food at St Hubert and the quality has continued to be better at St Hubert relative to Swiss Chalet. Swiss Chalet has continued to go downhill since 2002. I liked Swiss Chalet quite a bit before 2002.

I like St. Hubert too - I very much appreciate the recs - may only be in Canadian transfer area don’t want to have to go thru security again unless it’s necessary!

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