Trama's Trottoria - Long Branch

Enjoyed an early New Year’s Eve dinner at Trama’s with my DW (regular menu).

And… ???

6:30 dinner with my DW. We each started wit a cocktail & then split a Baby Artichoke Salad. I had the Bronzino & my DW had the Scottish Salmon. We split a chocolate dessert with gelato on top. Service, ambiance & food were all excellent!

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Love Trama!

I could come here just for the mussels - the best ever!

Eggplant parm, rigatoni done perfectly. Artichoke salad was outstanding.

Top notch service and excellent wine list.

One of the best!

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Due to an unusual coincidence, I’ve eaten at Trama’s twice in as many weeks. My initial impression was that they are occasionally very good but mostly just ok so I haven’t been back in years.

The only dish I had both times was the artichoke salad. The first time I only had a few bites and I enjoyed it very much. The second time I had a whole one to myself and about halfway through, I started to notice how lemony it was. I used the old trick where I asked is anybody wanted some and gave the rest away. I still think this is a good dish but a little goes a long way.

I’m not a big mussels fan, but I liked the bread dipped into the sauce, and everyone who ate them enjoyed them. A special of meatballs drew more mixed reviews and I didn’t like the texture as I found them too dense.

The pastas generally were good. Fresh peas and sausage brightened up a vodka sauce on the rigatoni. I didn’t get to try any of the other pastas except the bucatinni cacio e pepe. For me the reason this dish can be wonderful lies in quality ingredients and simplicity. Here they add one of my favorite ingredients, black truffle, and it just muddles up the dish.

Did you ever have a (large) piece of veal that has been overly flattened? Completely ruined the dish for my father, the veal lover. I tried some and agreed that it was overcooked.

A friend asked me how I would compare my meals here with our favorite Italian restaurant, Jimmy’s in Asbury Park. I told him that Trama’s compares more with Il Nido or Anjelica’s than Jimmy’s. Trama’s is not bad, especially if you order well, but both Il Nido and Anjelica’s are better.


Do you need a reservation for Jimmy’s?

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Jimmy’s does not require a reservation, we walked in a couple of weeks ago and sat at the bar and had dinner, but these days I would make a reservation anywhere that takes them