Trama's Trattoria- One of the best in Monmouth!

Came here last night. Place was busy for a Sunday night. Incredible Negroni from barmaster Beau.

Dinner included, seafood salad, beef carpaccio, pasta puttenesca, a whole roasted pompano, scallops and a banana profiterole. Four of us shared all of these dishes.

All I can say, this was a sophisticated, amazingly delicious dinner. Chef Pat’s cooking is better than ever and we wre blown away by tonight’s meal.

Hi, sockster! Welcome to Hungry Onion!

Lurking on CH, I’m aware of your positive reviews about Trama’s. Good to have you posting about it here.

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Reminder to people: a town name is helpful.

Trama’s Trattoria is located in West Long Branch

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Thanks for the report! (and welcome did you just recently join us? I don’t remember seeing you here before! How did you hear about us, and who else can you help spread the word to!?!?!)

I’ve got to get here…I only recently went to AMA, obviously post Trama and I was sorely disappointed.

Been on CH for years…just moved here via RGR

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Of course I remember you from CH…c’mon sockster, you don’t remember that time we closed the that place and hit A/C afterward!! God…how could I forget you!!!

I’m glad RGR brought you over! If you have any contact info for others at Chow please do invite them!! Good to have you my friend. Enjoy!

sockster, So glad my outreach to you paid off! :slight_smile: As Jr. said, if you can reach out to other CHers and convince them to join us here, that would be great!

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Trama’s Trattoria website

I will write more but this place is legit. I went last night with a party of 5. Everyone hammered down their dishes. I opted for the ribeye and it was a really nice piece of dry aged meat…18oz, bone-in and cooked to temp. It was served sliced and the presentation was fantastic, but I am a flavor guy. This steak was a tasty treat. It was a little over seasoned for my taste with the rosemary but nonetheless delicious. I’d come back.

Rosemary, thyme, sage, extra virgin olive oil. Served with fingerling potatoes and baby spinach (from their site)

My gripe was the measly portion of potatoes. They are so cheap. Why not throw something more filling on the plate instead of two fingerlings sliced in half? Load up some starch :slight_smile:

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Been coming here since the week they opened. The food is extremely fantastic- Chef Pat is using more seasonal ingredients that he ever has before. Easily one of the best restaurants in Monmouth County

Ha! That sounds exactly like the rib eye I had at Christines about 6 mos. ago. Although at Christine’s it was a much larger cut and served for 2, however same rub and same sides if I recall correctly.

I do have to get over to Trama’s I’ve been meaning to for a long time. Glad you enjoyed.

I think you would like it JR…good quality steak.

my coworker had this and said it was fantastic. I would like to try this but I always end up getting slabs of meat lol

$22.00 Rigatoni fennel sausage, just shucked peas, alta cucina tomatoes, parmesan cream

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Dropped in early Saturday night just as cruise night was getting under way in West End. An early 80s bright orange lamborghini was parked out front with the top down. The skies opened up and the interior of the vehicle became a water repository. On to the meal, there was but one large table occupied upon our arrival. Water glasses were promptly filled, but it took longer than it should have for our drink orders to be taken. Also, the wonderful crusty Brooklyn bread didn’t make an appearance until we were half-way through our starter. Minor but correctible glitches. My wife is a sucker for cheese plates, so that’s where we started. It was okay. No description provided for the five cheeses on the plate. The temperature of the cheese was spot on (a pet peeve), but the serving size was small. Enough for each of us to have just a bite of each cheese. The accompaniments on the plate were also on the small side (i.e., how does a couple share a single almond?). However, the entrees were wonderful. Wife had just a perfect rendition of linguine with white clam sauce, and my bronzino was just terrific. Probably the best prepared piece of fish I’ve had all summer. Skipped out on dessert as we were on the move to catch the Happy Together tour in Asbury Park. Those entrees will have us back in no time.

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Trama’s Trattoria is located in the West End neighborhood of Long Branch, not West Long Branch.

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