Tragic. Just tragic. Shooting in France

Wow, this sandwich service is slow. I think I’ll talk with my feet and walk to the next sandwich shop. Nah, I’ll shoot the waiter. Yeah that sounds reasonable :crazy_face:

I’d like to add a profound thought here, but all I can muster is SMH.


Saw this on TV yesterday. The area is a bit of no man’s land, according to the witnesses: drug, alcohol and gun problem. A colleague of the dead waiter said the youngsters usually came drunk to ask for sandwiches without paying them. Probably the waiter who got killed didn’t try to hurry as he knew the kid wouldn’t pay. Social problem that the government is in no hurry to solve as this didn’t happen in the centre of Paris.

I doubt the service in prison will be faster or offer as many options.

There are some very sick excuses for humans in this world. I become more and more of a hermit out of sorrow for this world.

I thought the US was the only “civilized” country with a gun problem. Are we now exporting this to France?

Wherever we have pockets of disenfranchised people, we will have violence. DH and I were in Lyon some years ago. We left our hotel before dawn to go to an antique market on the northeast side of town, a suburb. We were given bad instruction and the metro stopped before our destination. We were guided to a bus which took us in the general direction, Off the bus, and hoofing it, still before full daylight, we passed highrise apartments with sheets hanging from balconies with “Kill Americans” written in red. Needless to say, we kept our heads down and mouths shut until we got to the market. We did succumb to asking an elderly man walking a small fluffy dog final directions. He looked safe enough. But these are our times. People are angry.

Usually gun problems are between the gangs. Pilgrim is right about “wherever we have pockets of disenfranchised people, we will have violence.”, especially true when there are drugs, there are guns. For years, the government built high rises in the suburbs to accommodate the influx of immigrants, which lead to youth concentration and unemployment problem, certain areas become the zone, where police has a lot of difficulty to maintain order.

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I have never heard anti American feeling in the banlieue, maybe it is a particular problem in Lyon? When was it?

However, I would say the violence concentrates in a small group of the population in those cities. Once when I looked lost in the suburb, somebody asked me if I need help. Several times, people in the suburb trains offered seat to my ageing father, whereas in Paris these things have never happened.

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Generally speaking, it’s the same in the UK. That said, guns are not readily available here, even to criminals, so knives are an increasing weapon of choice.

That said, I have genuine worries that we are only at the start of an escalation of violence from the political far right.


Unfortunately, the perpetrator ran away and hasn’t been caught.

It seems the camera got him. But the problem is even condemned, he wouldn’t be in jail for long, maybe 3-5 years.

I hope they find him before he can destroy another lives.

3-5 years for cold blooded murder? Seriously?

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Sentences are light, jails are too crowded, especially if they are not yet adults.

That’s not really a no mans land…its around the corner from a huge indoor shopping mall and a big RER station.

But yes, always a neighborhood to walk quickly and get to where you need to go.

Gosh. Here in the UK, murder is always a life sentence - although, the judge will make a recommendation as to the minimum length of sentence to be served. A judge fairly sympathetic to the circumstances of a particular case is still likely to set the tariff at 12 years or so.

That’s just nuts.

I think I remember a case, a guy killed several persons of his family including his children and wife, also both of his parents, he was given life sentence, but was out of jail after around 25 years.

All depends on the view of the Parole Board as to whether he remains a risk to the public. Anyone released from a life sentence remains under supervision by the probation service for the rest of their lives and are subject to instant recall to prison if their supervising officer has any concerns at all.

The UK has very few prisoners who will never be released - about 70, I think. Although there are a few others who may not have a “whole life” sentence but have tariffs of maybe 40 years (in practice meaning they won’t be released). According to Wiki, the longest serving was sentenced in 1977.

It’s the impression the French justice gives, maybe the sentence is longer, but given the fact that people only serve 3/4 of the sentence, some can ask to serve the last of the remaining sentence outside jail.