trader joes, yorktown opens july 21

looking forward to swinging by once the lines get shorter.

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Not sure if you’ve been there, but the lines have not been bad, and the predicted traffic armageddon never happened. I’m reminded of the person who posted here (or on CH) when Fairway was opening in Pelham saying that they figured they would go at 8am to avoid the crowds. That was never necessary, and it isn’t necessary here. It’s so nice to have one ten minutes from my house! I even went there for a single item recently. Obviously I never would have done that when I had to drive 30+ minutes to Danbury.

we’re housesitting for friends, swung by yesterday afternoon, what a pleasant shopping experience compared to NYC, no lines, good stock and wide aisles. I’m guessing you know about the long running trader joes yay/nay/meh thread here on HO.


Amusingly, some people on FB and Nextdoor complained about the layout of the store and how wide the aisles were. Can’t please some people. Not sure if I need to be encouraged to buy more things by checking out that thread.

I’ve never been to a NYC TJ’s, but it’s definitely more pleasant than the one in Hartsdale. Danbury is busy, but not that bad.